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k1202-017a.jpg (81084 bytes) Flags fly over the Sonoma-Cutrer Winery for the 15th Annual Invitational World Croquet Championship. May 14th to 20th 2000.
Friday: Medallist Block
David Maugham (England) making sure of a peel to win and go directly to the final.
k1202-008a.jpg (49652 bytes) Col. Tony Hall (OBE) Retd. and if that wasn't enough president of the WCF and Referee of the Tournament. Tony was travelling from home in Australia to spread the word of the WCf and its plans and had just played in the last San Francisco Open.
k1202-018a.jpg (51820 bytes) Simon Williams (Ireland) setting a corner cannon in his last medallist block game against ???????.
k1202-019a.jpg (64873 bytes) .. and playing the cannon.
k1202-012a.jpg (60319 bytes) Johnny Osborn (USA) keeping fit in one of his game ladder games.
k1202-022a.jpg (45841 bytes) Simon Williams taking a lift from B Baulk.
k1202-048a.jpg (104057 bytes) Pre-game discussions below the new Sonoma Cutrer Vineyards sign.
k1202-057a.jpg (68408 bytes) Colin Pickering (Australia) in his medallist block game on Friday.
Colin Pickering (Aus) Medallist block game, Friday Colin Pickering approaching the pioneer Y at 2 with R while putting U to 3. The result of the shot. A little too good, R hits Y for the backward take-off. Click here to see large size of 2nd image.
k1202-066a.jpg (108242 bytes) Johnny Osborn (USA) making a controlled approach to 4-back in his ladder game against Reg Bamford [???] (S Africa).
k1202-093a.jpg (35396 bytes) Michael Mehas (USA - really?) before the finals of the Pro-Am Golf Croquet Tournament held Saturday morning before the start of the main event.

The Final - selected pictures.

Maugham and ROT Tony Hall discuss details prior to the final. David Maugham (England) before the start of the final. Maugham and Osborn observe the toss by ROT Hall at the start of the final. Maugham plays the 2nd ball (red) into the game in a corner II opening.
Osborn (in 3rd turn) hits with blue .... .... and rolls out to mid-court. Osborn makes the first break. Here starting with black. Osborn gets hampered after hoop two with black, but escapes.... this time.. here's how:
First he considers the hit to blue, hampered and calls the referree. Referee Tony Hall observes while Osborn decides. Eventually Osborn plays away to the N boundary leaving Maugham a shot. Which he prepares for ..
.. takes and hits, but came unstuck at hoop 2 with the jumpshot. (see next photo) Osborn made seven points on his 2nd break off this error before breaking down.
Osborn on the sidelines watching. The lift shot to hope for. However,....
Maugham peeling red through 4-back on his championship winning break.
Approaching red off black for the peg-out. Checking all line up. And that's it.. Both balls onto the peg and Maugham is the winner for the third time. Maugham with the winner's garland presented in a brief ceremony before the real main event - the Charity Wine Auction.
David Maugham discussing the final with Ted Elliot of Sonoma-Cutrer. To announce the charity auction a skydiver arrived nicely on cue from the local airport. The players (here Mik Mehas) parade the wine around the lawn before the crowd bidding to a record amount. Ren Kraft parades a specially decorated Sonoma-Cutrer bottle.

Other images of the most successful Sonoma-Cutrer WCC ever:

Mehas and his white Rolls-Royce, minus one hubcap. Preparations for finals day.

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