site updates – an overview

The site is undergoing a major rewrite. This will take some time. All family tree data is safe, as are all images of family members submitted here (historical and archive photos). Some part of the site are currently inaccessible and will be brought online gradually. See below for updates. If you have any queries please contact me using the usual channels: email or social media (email preferred)

about wadleynet

wadleynet is a site for my family tree, along with a photo archive.

The archive consists primarily of photos of the family, over the years, with a focus on collecting the old photos that might be gathering dust in the attic or an album on the shelf. There are modern pictures, and some unrelated to the family that document some of my trips and events over the last twenty plus years. Of course social media has taken over much of that function, and while I am not heavily active on social media sites you will find I have occasional posts in the usual places. Social media connections are available via the links below. Feel free to contact me via email (preferred), through the contact form on this site, or via social media.


registrations now working

Registrations for new members are now working again. Various bug fixes implemented. Continuing to rewrite other pages. New appearance is being rolled out to all working pages, and finalized. Search is still not working but is the next thing to be fixed. Please report issues using the email below.


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