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The site is undergoing a major rewrite. This will take some time. All family tree data is safe, as are all images of family members submitted here (historical and archive photos). Some part of the site are currently inaccessible and will be brought online gradually. See below for updates. If you have any queries please contact me using the usual channels.

Adrian Wadley

Update 1/10/2019
Registrations for new members are now working again. Various bug fixes implemented. Continuing to rewrite other pages. New appearance is being rolled out to all working pages, and finalized. Search is still not working but is the next thing to be fixed. Please report issues using the email below.
Update 1/7/2019
Logins are working for previously registered members. Password reset requests and password changes are working, also for previously registered members. FAMILY TREE display is working. Please report any issues with display, it may still be a bit wonky in places.
Style has been updated to a new cleaner look.
Most member page functions are not working yet.
Please report new additions, changes, corrections etc - for any information on people in the family tree - direct to me, for manual inclusion.
Update 4/9/2018
Main page displays. No other pages yet tested. Do not expect normal behaviour.

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